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Let's Catch Up! 😁

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hey everyone! I know it's been so long, too long since I've posted a blog and I wanted to give you an update about what's been going on.

For the past few months, my father had been battling throat cancer and sadly, he past away on March 31st. It had been a long 20 year battle, but I am at peace knowing that he is no longer suffering and is the arms of Jesus! 🙌🏼 I, along with my husband and siblings, was able to be there until he took his last breath. I will forever cherish those memories and the last words he spoke to me.

My father was full of life and if he wasn't fishing, he was jumping out of airplanes! I wanted to share this photo of him enjoying life and not what the last two years of his life looked like. This ugly disease may have taken my father away from me, but it will never erase the happier times. 🪂🎣

This was back in 2021, right before his health began to rapidly deteriorate. Cruising around the island was something we loved to do. 🌺

One advice that my father always told me is that whenever I feel overwhelmed or frustrated, to breathe. He said, "Sit by the ocean and just watch the waves and relax. Clear your mind and you will find the answers."

It's funny because while he was giving my that advice, God spoke to me too! He said, "Don't fight the current. Surrender yourself and let me guide you through every situation." I love the ocean and miss this view like crazy! Living in the PNW, you won't find anything like it, but God always helps me to find my own little oasis.

I am slowly getting back into writing and the groove of things. I'm crossing my finger 🤞🏼 that I'll be able to finish draft one of book two by the end of summer. Why so long? Well, in the midst of me going back and forth to Hawaii and my father's passing, we are also moving! Some days I feel like we're still in the military. 🤣 These are crazy times I tell you!

I pray you have a blessed day and thank you for allowing me to share some memories of my father. ❤️


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