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My Prince Would Be My Savior

Welcome to my first blog post!

Every day I wake up and I thank God for being with me throughout my writing journey. My husband took this picture of me the day my poetry book, My Love Letters to You, made its debut.

Whenever I tell someone that I write poetry, I get mixed reactions. They want to know how I got started and why poetry.

I was fifteen and my home life was a disaster. I kept my feelings bottled up. I didn't want to express myself in fear of hurting someone and causing them pain. (How I coped with this situation, is for another time.) I remember my sister and I writing poetry and that's when I discovered I could let my feelings out and not have to share it with anyone. It was then that I knew, writing was my outlet. I wrote poetry every day, dabbling with different situations and soon, I began to write stories. Stories like, 'one day my prince will come,' but little did I know, my prince would be a king and my Savior.

About this time, I started getting my life in order. I was failing in school, my home was still a disaster, but I had a Savior who loved me. I gave my heart to Jesus and He changed me. He made me want to be more than I believed I was. He made me see that I was created for something beautiful.

There are things in my life that happened and I always questioned why?

Why did I have to face the different traumatic events in my life. Why did God allow it to happen? Several years ago I was asked to share my testimony at a women's ministry meeting. I remember I was so nervous, but almost as soon as I began speaking, a calm came over me. My husband was there for moral support and he made a comment about not being able to tell I was nervous and that I was in my element. Since then, I've spoken at two other women's events and is currently the women's leader of our church. I now know why I had to go through all the pain and heartache. It's so that I can be an encouragement to a woman or teenage girl in need.

So as I sit here and reflect on my journey, I am grateful that I have a Savior who sees me. He has given me the gift of writing and I will write the words He gives me and share it with those in need!



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